Page One

Dear Reader,

Today is the beginning of the weekly Captain Unikorn webcomic. Christian and I originally self-published and sold out of 200+ copies at the Phoenix Comicon and Tucson Comic-Con this past year. We decided to release the entire book as a free webcomic so that anyone around the world can enjoy it. Please keep in mind, we created this book in b&w (because it’s cheaper to print), but we plan on launching a Kickstarter project to print the book in full color in the near future.

Thanks for taking a chance and please click the follow button so you don’t miss a single page of the story.

Thanks again,

Henry Barajas

Captain Unikorn

Created and plotted by: Christian Vilaire and Henry Barajas

Written and lettered by: Henry Barajas

Art by: Christian Vilaire

Edited by: Charlie Harris

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Captain Unikorn will be made available online for free starting on Wednesday March 13th.

Here’s the Cover for book one, art by Christian Vilaire.

The webcomic will be in black and white because we originally created that for printing costs . We are currently developing a Kickstarter project in near future so we can print the book in color.

So come back every Wednesday starting March 13th until the end of book one. This will be a crazy 40 weeks.