Here is my schedule for the coming days:

This weekend is the Phoenix Comicon, I have been looking forward to this show all year.  Christian Vilaire and I are going to debut our new comic book, “Captain Unikorn.”  We will have Captain Unikorn shirts, buttons, and stickers for sale.


I will be doing two panels at the convetion:



FRIDAY: 10:30AM – 11:30AM

Location: 126C

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who’ll be here


SATURDAY: 1:30PM – 2:30PM

Location: 127B

How does a Writer get down to business with a thought in their head and transforms it into words into print? These writers will show you how to create your thoughts into a comic book. 

who’ll be here

Friday night after the convention, for one night only, I will be doing stand up comedy at The Speakeasy Comedy Lounge.  I’m doing two shows with my good friend Jacob Brickenridge. Shows start at 7:30PM & 9:30PM and it’s located in Papichulo’s:


check out

I miss all my Phoenix friends and have a great time. Thanks for reading hope to see you soon.


Catpain Unicorn/Unite and Take Over!

Phoenix Comicon was a burst of inspiration and the much needed creative jolt.  I think for everyone around me.  Everyone I know that came from the event was just reminded how awesome it is to create.

I spent the weekend with Christian’s family.  We have outlined our next three comic book projects and one of them is Captain Unicorn.

Captain Unicorn & Billy

Art by Christian Vilaire


We have deciced to make a comic that is original and empowering to everyone.   As much as I love rehashing out the same old 60’s super heroes, but I want to tell you something that you have been looking for.  A new idea.


Captain Unicorn Side Profile

Art By Christian Viliare

Here is some preview art of the three part mini series.  If Dexter season six and “life” doesn’t get  in the way, you should have three new comics out before TCC.

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We are currently focusing our energy towards a comic book anthology called “Unite and Take Over” with Spaz Dog Press.  All the stories are inspired by The Smiths/Morrissey music.  C.V. and I signed up and picked “Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before” as our influence.  The script is finished and off to C.V. and the book is supposed to debut at the Tucson Comic Con!


Secret projects and big stuff coming this year.  We got six months left, so lets make them count.


Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods

November 5th 2010 (mark your calenders) the night before the Tucson Comic-Con, for one night only, at the Screening Room at 8PM you can watch Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods on the big screen.  The admission is only $6! Tucson Comic-Con and Heroes and Villains will be at the event.

Please RSVP on Facebook event: Grant Morrison: Talk with Gods

Tell your friends, tell your wives, tell your kids and tell your husbands because we are inviting everybody.