Cube Space #2 “Too Lazy To Kill Myself”

“Stray Bullet”

Cube Space

“Stray Bullets”

(Mature comic +18)

Written by: Henry Barajas

Art by: Dave Gacey

“Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. ”         – Confucius

Thank you for reading the weekly comic strip.  I am surprised we have made deadline for the second time and for many to come (or until Dave gets fed up with me).

These comics are a little “morbid”, because I am… morbid.

My target audience is anyone that has ever hated their job. Anyone that is forced to wake up an ungodly hour, forced to deal with assholes, and slaved to working holidays forced to spend it with out their families.

Thanks for reading,


Cube Space “Bathroom Monologues”

(Warning: strong language)

Written by: Henry Barajas
Art by: Dave Gacey

Your reading the first of a weekly web comic called “Cube Space”. This will be my creative outlet from my day job.

The web comic is events  about me and takes place at work.

This is particular web comic is has some truth to it.

I walked in the bathroom right before my shift started and I wanted to quit. I fucking had it with the place and I wanted to go out like in Half Baked. But I heard someone crying in the bathroom stall. Made me feel better instantly. I never had the need to sit on the porcelain and cry my eyes out.

Hope you like it and stick around for the ride.

Thanks for reading,