Page 18

Page 18:

This page was so much fun to write. I was dragged to a bunch of churches as a kid and the dialgoue I wrote is what I think I heard while the Pastor was speaking. Who knows.

Christian really surprised me with his art on this one. I could picture it in my mind but he brought it to levels I never thought possible.

Post Comic-con depression sucks. I just had the time of my life and hanging out with all my good friends from all over the world and  I’m back to real life. Don’t get me wrong because I love my job at the paper but it’s hard to tear away from the place where everyone in the circles you run gets you and your unhealthy obsession with comics.

I can’t wait until next year.

Here are some links you should keep up with:

Buy the entire Captain Unikorn comic right now and have it shipped to you from Indy Planet.

‘Like’ the Captain Unikorn Facebook page.

Check out Christian’s deviantArt page.

I’m a staff writer at The Beat and I often cover super hero movies, Kickstarter projects and general news about the comic book industry.

Captain Unikorn

Created by: Christian Vilaire & Henry Barajas

Written by: Henry BarajasArt by: Christian Vilaire

Edited by: Charlie Harris

All Rights Reserved by Henry Barajas and Christian Vilaire ©


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