Page 13:

This week’s passage is written by the artist and co-creator, Christian Vilaire.

What can I say about this page?

13 has always been a lucky number for me. I mean that’s the amount of women I had in one night, but this “13” was different… it was a bitch. I hate drawing cars, it’s my kryptonite. Any time Henry and I were talking about Captain Unikorn. He kept adding car scenes; I think he was watching a lot of Nascar at the time but I only watch one sport…Curling. 

This was a truly action pack scene, plus I love playing with Captain Unikorn’s anatomy and how his body and muscles work. Now if you must know I draw Captain Unikorn on 100% recycle work papers so if you look really look close at the pages you can see the numbers from the spreadsheet bleed through. Also one thing I strive for in my pages is to make my style so complicated that it can never be replicated by other artist…So this page then becomes 100% unrecyclable. Meaning, that the value of the scrap papers that this was drawn on jumps to 100% on ebay…that’s 100% profit… I guess “13″ still remains my lucky number.

Thanks for reading. We both sincerely appreciate your support and look forward to see you next week.

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Captain Unikorn

Created by: Christian Vilaire & Henry Barajas

Written by: Henry Barajas

Art by: Christian Vilaire

Edited by: Charlie Harris

All Rights Reserved by Henry Barajas and Christian Vilaire ©


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