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Dear Reader,

Christian and I had a blast at Phoenix Comicon, it’s our favorite convention to attend and it’s always a pleasure to be apart of it year after year. We sold out of all our copies of Captain Unikorn, again. It’s unfortunate that we can’t afford to keep it in print, but we are looking to fix that with Kickstarter. The plan is to recolor and letter the first 44 pages and raising money to publish the next three books. Please send me suggestions on what you want to see as Kickstarter pledges.

We were on the LGBT in Main Stream comics panel with some very knowledgeable and talented folks. It was the first LGBT comic themed panel in the history of Phoenix Comicon. The audience had great questions and we made some new friends in the process. The engery in the room recharged our juices and gave us a new perspective on Captain Unikorn. It reminded us how orignal and important this idea is to the future of LGBT characters are in comics.

Thanks for reading. We both sincerely appreciate your support and look forward to see you next week. (I goofed and forgot to publish last week. My bad but we are back on track.)

Here are some links you should keep up with:

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Check out Christian’s deviantArt page.

I’m a staff writer at The Beat and I often cover super hero movies, Kickstarter projects and general news about the comic book industry.

Captain Unikorn

Created by: Christian Vilaire & Henry Barajas

Written by: Henry Barajas

Art by: Christian Vilaire

Edited by: Charlie Harris

All Rights Reserved by Henry Barajas and Christian Vilaire ©


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