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Dear Readers,

Christian and I have been hard at work on the a full color, new short Captain Unikorn story that will debut in anthology comprised by comic creators that attended Morrison Con. This will be the first colored Captain Unikorn story and we are pleased on how it’s turning out.

We will be at Phoenix Comicon next week. Christian and I will be panelist on the LGBT in Main Stream Comics panel 5/24 from 6-7 p.m. I will also be doing stand up comedy on 5/25 night from 9-10:30 p.m. Finally, I’ll be on the Music’s influence on Comics panel with Jamie Rich (iT Girl) at noon-1 5/26 in Room 124A.

There are so many great comic book creators coming this year, and I’m very proud to be apart of it.

See you next week and thanks for reading.

Here are some links you should keep up with:

Buy the entire Captain Unikorn comic right now and have it shipped to you from Indy Planet.

‘Like’ the Captain Unikorn Facebook page.

Check out Christian’s deviantArt page.

I’m a staff writer at The Beat and I often cover super hero movies, Kickstarter projects and general news about the comic book industry.

Captain Unikorn

Created by: Christian Vilaire & Henry Barajas

Written by: Henry Barajas

Art by: Christian Vilaire

Edited by: Charlie Harris

All Rights Reserved by Henry Barajas and Christian Vilaire ©


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