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Don’t forget to come down to Charlie’s Comics on Free Comic Book day and say hello. I’ll be there for a couple hours signing copies of Smiths and Pixies comics.

Phoenix Comicon is right around the corner and I’ll be at the Orbital Decay booth with my great friends Jacob and Mike. They will have issues uno and dos of Orbital Decay, which are hilarious. I will also be doing stand up comedy there with the S&M Comedy group and my good friend Jericho Davidson. Davidson has performed with Rob Delaney and Doug Stanhope, he’s a blast.

See you next week!

Here are some links you should be aware of:

Buy the entire Captain Unikorn comic right now and have it shipped to you from Indy Planet.

‘Like’ the Captain Unikorn Facebook page.

Check out Christian’s artwork on deviantArt.

I’m a staff writer at The Beat and I often cover super hero movies, Kickstarter projects and general news about the comic book industry.


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