Dear Readers,

These are some exciting times. Now more then ever people are becoming aware and accepting of equality among gay people. I’ll never forget having debates with my family (to this day) about my views on gay marriage and how everyone should have a the right to be happy. Captain Unikorn is a big extension to my views on the subject.

Christian and I were writing up a story for Unite and Take Over anthology and Captain Unikorn was going to be the main character. We created this openly gay superhero, and Christian drew his influence from Freddie Mercury while Anderson Cooper was mine. As soon as Christian emailed me the final design of the character we knew that he had to give him his own book.

We debut this book at the Phoenix Comicon 2012 at the exact time DC outed Allan Scott and Marvel had the big Astonishing X-Men wedding issue with Northstar. We had created this book months before any of this was in the press. Captain Unikorn isn’t a marketing strategy to capitalize on the craze or to make a gay character for the sake of it. Not to say those characters were, but we haven’t really heard from them since.

He’s a big-hairy-gay-hero that kill bigots, and we wouldn’t have him any other way.


Henry & Christian

Captain Unikorn

Page 3

Created by: Christian Vilaire & Henry barajas

Written by: Henry Barajas

Art by: Christian Vilaire

Edited by: Charlie Harris


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