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Attention comic book industry (writers, artist ect.):

Christian and I had a story in the successful Kickstarter project Break the Walls – Comic Stories Inspired by The Pixies anthology that was published by SpazDog Press. The features Ryan Cody (Ulitmate Spiderman), Scott Godlewski (Code Breakers), and Ernest Romero (Girl Scouts in Space!) Michael G Macropoulos (Spooky Girl.)  2012 Harvey Award nominations have opened up and we’d really apprecaited it if we can get your nomination for best anthology of the year.

Dear Readers,

Thanks for keeping up with us and making this happen.

Christian and I have been working hard on our new book REALLY VIOLENT and started a new comic called The Frail Heart of August Burn.  We are very excited to work with Gene Hall,  local Tucson painter/artist.  I’m working on another story with Xeric Foundation award-winning artist Michael G Macropoulos. The four issue mini series is called Vaya Con Diablo. More details and artwork to come.

I also start writing a novel called LOCA: GUERO CANELO. Don’t worry, the book is in english. As soon as I’m done it will be editted and placed in Amazon, Kindle, and blah blah blah.

Please like, share, retweet and tell your friends about Captain Unikorn and follow. Thanks for your support and I’ll will see you next week.

See you next week,

Henry Barajas and Christian Vilaire


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