Piracy. It’s just plain stealing.

It’s important to buy records.


A lot depends on the sale of a record.   Album sales have a huge consequence things like touring, merchandise, and the band itself.  I think people forget that there is a huge corporate business that pays for this album, and  they want their money back.

I know most of you have jobs.  What if everyone was doing your job for free?  Then your out of a job.

I’m not being entirely fair with this whole piracy thing.  Nothing is definite, there is a polar positive side to stealing from people.  Piracy gains more readers and listeners.  One of my favorite writers Neil Gahman had some interesting things to say about piracy:

“Then I started to notice that two things that seemed much more significant. One of which was that places where I was being pirated — particularly Russia (where people were translating my stuff into Russian and spreading it out into the world) I was selling more and more books. People were discovering me through being pirated. And then they were going out and buying the real books, and when a new book would come out in Russia it would sell more and more copies.”

Do something noble and buy album, book, comic book, movie that was independently made.  Ask your retailer or friends online whats good.  What are your thoughts?  Message me.


5 thoughts on “Piracy. It’s just plain stealing.

  1. I do my best to always purchase anything that is independent. Those are the people who need the exposure. Those are the small companies that need the business. Large corporations have billions of dollars for advertising. They have a bank roll for everything. But the indies are what produce the stars of tomorrow. And that is what we need to support. The same as local and small businesses.
    I’m a small, actually micro, press comic book creator. Each sale matters to me. But to hear that someone read my stuff and liked it means they’ll come back for more later. I’ve had some repeat business at conventions and those are the people I remember. The experiences that make it all worth while.

  2. Dude, I totally agree. I understand how the artists feel. I don’t download at all. I always wait for the record, or book, even a comic, to come out on that Wednesday..and Tuesday. Same goes for films.

    I read an article in AP asking if dates even mattered, or a count down for an album release was even necessary anymore and a lot of people said no. Dude, we need those so we have something to get siked about. I’m old school I guess. I prefer the count down and the release dates.

    Some musicians though, say “If you download it, please buy it after”, as you know of what Anthony Raneri said.

    I like to support the arts. I want to give them my money. That little amount can be worth so much more.

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