Bald Avenger: Hard Times

I was reading this past Wizard issue that Mark Millar was one of the editors on, and there was an interesting thing he said about Stan “The Man” Lee.  He talks about how Stan told him a couple of years ago “I don’t know why everyone is doing my old characters when they should be creating their own.” Which brings me to this orignal character from the deepest depths of Eric Schock’s mind.

For the last five years I have been reading the story about the Bald Avenger.  The Bald Avenger is about a story of a broken man and has lost his soul (we have all been there).  His soul is in his teddy bear and someone has stole it.  His brother Phil, thinks he’s crazy, and volunteer’s to help him find his bear. While he is on this bear hunt, Dobson City (where this story takes place) the body count hits a all time high.

There is more action and violence then there is Justin Bieber fans.  The Bald Avenger is a complement to all my favorite anti-heroes.  It’s if Marv from Sin City and Punisher had a child together and gave it to Wolverine to raise.  This guy oozes macho and tough guy.

B.A. is a prime example of a independent hard work and dedication.  Let’s face it, this story is not for everyone.  Eric Schock doesn’t care, he is out to tell a story that he fully believes in.  This Joe Kubert alumni student has been groomed for comics, and Bald Avenger: Hard Times is just the beginning.

Follow Eric Schock on Twitter and purchase this awesome graphic novel at Evil Robo Productions.


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