(Art by Darwyn Cooke)

Here are the reasons why I seen this movie.

  1. Took Mom for her birthday day (I am a horrible son).
  2. Toy Story was the first choice, that’s until a army of kids screaming at the top of their lungs walked in.
  3. To support the movie in general.  Why? Fuck if I know really. I have no investment in this movie.  I didn’t make it or had any type participation in it.

Here’s the bottom line folks, read the comics.


The comic book medium works so well because it can make something like “Jonah Hex” work.  The movie adaptation stumbles and crashes on many levels.

John Malkovich is the man, period.

Go see Toy Story 3 and go pick up Hex trades and love it.

Have a good weekend & be safe.

Happy Fathers Day*

Thanks for reading,



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