Charlie’s Comic Books Art Auction Benefit June 12th!

“… Support a local comic book store and purchase some sweet artwork for a good cause please make your way down to Charlies Comic Books @ 5445 East 22nd Street Tucson, AZ on Saturday June 12th. Free sketches will ensue from 2 to 3 complements of Eric Schock and Taylor Garrity of Evil Robo Productions. The main event auction will be taking place from 3 to 5pm.Once again if you would like to help out Charlies Comic Books and get your hands on some quality original artwork from Sasa Bralic, Taylor Garrity, Matt Howard, Joel Lolar, Eric Schock and Chris Staggs please come down and support the store. Along with the original artwork, custom toy creator extraordinary Pat Billings will be on hand to auction off one of his very special creations. You will have to come down to get a glimpse. Hope to see you there!”

Tucson Comic-Con Director, Mike Olivares

I used to shop at Heroes and Villains (great shop), but my mother and father had got a divorced.  Dad wasn’t paying child support and I didn’t have money to buy my funny books.  I started to work and support my mother and sister so comics became little importance.  It was a holiday and the only place was open was Little Caesars on 22nd & Craycroft.  Charlie’s shop was next to the pizza joint and I had to go in.

There, I found my love for comics again.

If it weren’t for Charlie introducing me to the local comic scene, we wouldn’t be talking right now. He introduced me to Evil Robo, Anti Hero Brand, Indie Only, Jonnie Allan (STYKMAN), Ernest Romero, and many more comic book friends. If it weren’t for Charlie opening the door, who knows what I’d be doing right now.

Sadly, the store isn’t doing well.  So come on down to the shop and bid on some art work to support the mecca of indie comics in Tucson.

Thanks for reading,



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