Things I would have looked forward to in the year 1996, on an (early) Saturday morning are far different than the things I look forward to today.  I used to enjoy sitting in my underwear with a bowl of fruit loops and watching Looney Tunes. I always rooted for the bad guys. Don’t get me wrong, I love Bugs Bunny, but the villains were so likeable that you wanted them to win. This is a vintage magic that is almost near impossible to recapture in modern cartoons. Fear not reader, that’s why Mr. Denny Riccelli A.K.A Dennmann, was born (among other reasons).

I first met Dennmann at the Tucson Comic-Con, and he was sharing a table with Eric Mengel (creator of OCHO). He was handing out a free mini comic called “Get that Chicken” and I was instantly hooked. Phoenix Comicon ’10 came around and I saw Denny again and he had the mini-comics collected in a “Get That Chicken” *TPB for sale. 

He told me the pages where lined with acid, so naturally, I bought it.

Author: Dennmann

“Get That Chicken” is a collection of the online strips from 2009, plus stories from the Meanwhile mini-comic, pin-ups and a sketchbook section.  It’s about the adventures of two bumbling officers Ted & Ben on the hunt for a notoriously nice “Chicken” in the park. Why you ask? Because chickens don’t belong in parks, silly. I was laughing throughout the whole book.  I’m not talking about a giggle here and there under my breath, but laughing so hard I would be making dolphin sounds with my breath. This comic reminds me of the time when “funny” was when the slingshot fires backwards and ground mail ships in seconds. There is a part in the book where the chicken is wearing Officer Ben’s hat and Ted doesn’t tell the difference.  Ted then finds out his sidekick isn’t Ben, it’s indeed, the “Chicken”. You really don’t see that type of humor anymore because we are in the generation where, it’s cool to be sarcastic, because it’s “edgy”. When all “edgy” does is comes off offensive, not original.

Denny is a huge fan of mini-comics.  He told me there is so much you can do with a pen, an idea, and a local printer.  The only problem is that no one is doing it.  If you think about it, a year’s work of mini web comics can translate to a graphic novel.  It’s not rocket surgery I guess, but it’s still a good idea. 

I would suggest this book to anyone you know at any age group. It’s only $15 and you can get it at Dennmann’s website. You can also follow Denny on Twitter, he tells the best “your momma” jokes.

While you’re at it, check out his current online comic Lolly Gaggin Adventures (it’s a hoot).

I am going to review all the independent comics I got @ Phoenix Comicon, next up will be Eric Mengel’s “OCHO” *TPB vol. 2 .

* (For the noobs: TPB is what we call Trade Paper Back in the buzz. Impress your friends with your useless knowledge of funny book lingo).

Thanks for reading.

Henry Barajas


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