Phoenix Comicon, Radio show, and more comics…

If you missed hearing me impregnate the radio waves with my sex voice:

The Fred and Jeff Show: Past shows

(tell me what you think)

I wanna thank Charlie Harris for inviting me to the radio show to talk about my small importance in the local comic scene.  Fred and Jeff were really awesome and funny dudes, check them out every Thursday from 6-7 pm.  It was a honor to be placed in the same line up asEric Schock & Taylor Garrity of Evil Robo Productions, Ernest Romero (artist of Breed and GSS!), and Mike Olivares the director of the Tucson Comic-Con who were also on the segment.

This week will prove to be a busy with the Phoenix Comicon, because I’m the social media manager for the convention. The con is this weekend from the 27th – 30th.  It’s only $30 for all four days and on Sunday Stan Lee will be signing autographs and taking pictures (*expect to pay for that by the way).  There are going to be a bunch of awesome comic book creators attending like Ben Glendening, Tony Parker, Philip Tan, John Chihak, Peter Gross, Sterling Gates, and many more.

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